When I was born I was named by my brother and sister after Beatrix Potter's books The Tale of Benjamin Bunny and Peter Rabbit. From day one I've been a dreamer and my dreams are a big influence on me. As a teenager they began to literally manifest in my waking consciousness, which was an experience that has greatly shaped my creative style and life philosophy. I use dreams to gather and refine ideas for my music, as well as using them to guide many of my life choices. I aim to greatly inspire the world with the stories I tell through music and with the songs that I sing. Ultimately, I plan to transcend time and space and give more love than I receive. My greatest goal is to have music I've made shot out inside a spaceship as an example of artistic human endeavour for interstellar civilisations to discover. As a composer I make scores and sounds to accompany visual mediums but I like to think of it as making music for life, inspiration, happiness and getting tingles on the back of your neck.
My life purpose is to make amazing music.

Benjamin Speed is an Australian born film composer, musician and producer. He spent his formative years as a loud mouthed hip-hop know-it-all and extreme stunts live performer in Australian band 'The New Pollutants', a fun loving, experimental and darkly zany hip-hop/electro duo influenced by 8-bit computer games and 1950's/60's pop that performed at many music festivals around Australia. As The New Pollutants alongside DJ Tr!p, Benjamin devised and performed an innovative, evocative and critically acclaimed live score to the 1927 silent film Metropolis, which had highlighted performances at events and stages such as the Commonwealth Games, The Sydney Opera House, Adelaide Film Festival and MONA FOMA.

Since his foray in to film composition, Benjamin has scored over 30 films including the multiple award winning 'The Cat Piano', narrated by Australian musician Nick Cave; the Australian Documentary Prize winning 'The Snowman', The Australian Film Institute Award winning ‘A Northern Town'; The MTV 180 Project winning 'Dungoona’; the Comic-Con winning 'Street Angel'; 3 Tropfest Australia finalists, 'Carnivore Reflux', 'Glass' and 'The Maestro'; the acclaimed short films ‘Tender’ and ‘Anima’ and the Berlinale Crystal Bear and Sundance Film Festival Best Director winning '52 Tuesdays'.

Among other awards, Benjamin has won one and been nominated for three APRA Australian Screen Music Awards, won Best Score at the St Kilda Shorts Festival and was nominated for an American MPSE Golden Reel Award for Music Editing. He also holds a Bachelor degree in Music Technology from The Elder School of Music and a Masters degree in Screen Music from the Australian Television and Radio School. He was an active board member of the Australian Guild of Screen Composers and now resides in Los Angeles.

Besides music and film, Benjamin is obsessed with soccer, bicycles, watermelon, pineapple and tea. He mostly enjoys laughing, at himself especially, as regularly as possible.

"Benjamin's ability to enhance story telling through his music is spectacular. It is both outstandingly original and highly evocative. His professionalism, talent, drive and commitment have all the hallmarks of him achieving great success. "
Lisa Henson: Producer and CEO of The Jim Henson Company

"Benjamin has always shown tremendous diligence, energy and a consistent output that has been a total pleasure. He believes in the stories being told and puts that above his own ego in every instance, a rare and wonderful quality. I have no doubt in recommending him to anyone as a composer and a creative collaborator."
Sophie Hyde : Director of Sundance and Berlin winning film 52 Tuesdays, Co-Director of Closer Productions

"I am very excited by the potential of his career. He is a talented composer and performer and I look forward to seeing him rise to further challenges and successes in coming years."
Katrina Sedgwick: Director of ACMI Australia, Head Of Arts - ABC Television, Director of Adelaide Film Festival

"I do not offer such endorsements lightly. I would urge everyone who can to offer Benjamin your utmost support."
Peter Wintonick: Film Festival Curator, Director – Manufacturing Consent, Cinema Verite

"I believe there is boundless potential for Benjamin Speed's projects."
Virginia Hyam: Head of Contemporary Culture, Sydney Opera House

"Benjamin is amazingly intuitive, and he is able to understand the creative vision of directors almost immediately. Furthermore, he has demonstrated the ability to deliver high quality work in extremely short periods of time."
Hugh Ngyuen: Executive Producer, The People's Republic of Animation (PRA)

"Benjamin's passion, enthusiasm and dedication to producing high quality work are exceptional."
Stephen Whittington: Head of Studies - Music Technology & Composition, Adelaide University

"It is abundantly clear to me that Benjamin is a committed and highly talent composer. I wish him the very best in the future."
Richard Sowada: Head of Film Programs, ACMI & Director, Perth Film Festival 1997-2006